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Grape Protection

14 September 2012

Lily Farm Vineyard Protecting Our GrapesAs we are such a small vineyard it is important that we take measures to protect our grapes from birds as they can have a huge impact on the amount that we pick.  Every year we net around the fruiting area, a laborious task but one that is very necessary.  Normally we start putting the nets up in the first or second week of August just before the sugars in the grapes reach that level of ripeness which makes them so attractive to the birds.  This year we are about 3 weeks behind due to the weather conditions that we have experienced this year.  We are fortunate that our son William and his partner Kyrie are always a great help with jobs like this around the vineyard.

Last month we were having doubts as to whether  we would have a harvest this year but, the ripening process is now well under way.  A wise man I know who has produced grapes for many years,  said to me, “It’s a funny old year!  It usually is”.